About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Mission Statement

Our mission at My EMS ConEd is to deliver the highest quality education for EMS professionals. We strive to allow people with even the busiest schedules to find time to further their education and maintain their certification while having an opportunity to preserve time at home and work.  

Core Values

My EMS ConEd’s biggest value is Family, and in order to spend quality time with your family you need stress free time. In order to maximize your time, we have made your education convenient and affordable while keeping the education valuable.

About Us

My EMS ConEd was created with two main thoughts in mind, how to save time and how to save money for students and subscribers while still maintaining a valuable education. The founder, Thomas Kamplain, worked in EMS for over 20 years while providing for a family of 5. He understands how difficult it could be to make ends meet while maintaining the proper certifications to continue doing his job effectively. He created this My EMS ConEd to help all EMS professionals to minimize the stress of recertification.

With My EMS ConEd, all the aspects necessary to maintain your certification can be found in one place, simply sign up and take classes when convenient!