EMS Research ( All Levels )

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Why do we do what we do in the field? Why do we follow certain protocols and / or procedures? How do we figure out what treatments and / or procedures are best for our patients?

EMS research is a vital part of the growth and development of EMS as a profession. EMS research is shaping our future as healthcare providers and is occurring all around us. Research has taught us that it is vitally important for us to utilize scientific procedures when questioning what is best based on the evidence presented. So, the big question, how can EMT’s of all levels participate and help in guiding EMS research?

This 0.5 CEU hour course will present information on how EMS providers in the field can help and how EMS research affects and benefits patients and providers in almost every aspect of delivering emergency medicine in the field.

Rest assured, this course is approved by Georgia’s State Office of EMS and accepted by the NREMT for continuing education credit.